End to end prepaid card solutions

Based in Carrollton, Texas, Payless Card Solutions (PCS) is a leading Program Manager in providing all types of customized, end-to-end prepaid card solutions to its clients. Started by industry experts, PCS brings the complete infrastructure of required resources to launch your prepaid card program(s).

Turnkey Solutions

One of the biggest challenges companies face in launching a turnkey, secure, profitable prepaid card program, is bringing together the industry partners and resources required to do so. PCS has already done this for its clients making implementation efficient and easy. In just weeks your company can install a new line of revenue while increasing overall brand loyalty amongst your customers.



The right prepaid card solution

Whether you are looking to offer a corporate- or consumer-funded card program, PCS works with you to design a branded card program that fits your company's needs and goals. Once a campaign has been designed and implemented, your dedicated Account Manager will continue to work with you, providing valuable data and analytics to drive strategic direction throughout the life of the program.


A Free Card

$75+ Cash Back

Free Activation

Free Spending

Direct Deposit Savings

Online Spending

Consumer-funded Prepaid Cards, commonly referred to as General Purpose Reloadable (or GPR), have become huge magnets for low-income and under-banked individuals and families.

Granting access to the world of plastic, GPR cards have become the most common prepaid cards in the United States, as traditional banking tools have become too confusing and expensive, often requiring intimidating enrollments and rules.

While banks are offering fewer products that help control the managing of one’s funds, GPR cards are simple products that customers can load multiple times with cash or direct deposit.

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